We are Torrenticity. We are an organisation of people that do not believe in censoring the internet, especially not for corporate interests. The internet was created to be open, so that anyone can create and distribute content, which requires there are no corporations or governments in control of what we, the people, can do. Unfortunately as of recently this ideology has been corrupted by the music industry who have forced the governments of several countries such as the UK, Finland, Netherlands and Belgium to block access to sites such as The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents and more.

In response to the blocks that the ISPs have been forced to implement, we have created a network of proxies for every site that is inaccessible. We run torrentproxies.com, piratereverse.info, getpirate.com, livepirate.com, noncensuram.info, proxicity.info, ingencensur.info, kickassunblock.info, kickassunblock.com, katunblock.com, h33tunblock.info, movie2kproxy.com, topfilms.me and torrenticity.com of course.

Now several of our own domains and IP addresses have been blocked. We've been providing proxy sites for just over a year, fighting censorship and demonstrating how ineffective site blocking is. We cannot go on like this. The BPI going to the High Court to get our proxy sites blocked, despite the fact we do not host any illegal content or even operate the torrent indexes, sets a precedence that stifles our freedom in the UK and indeed the rest of the world where there have been legal proceedings that have successfuly got sites blocked.

In response to David Cameron's plans announced in July 2013 to censor the UK internet and require that pornography is blocked by default, we created Immunicity, a service that requires no registration, no software to be installed, just one simple change to your browser settings to access sites that would otherwise be blocked.

We're currently running the proxy block checker tool which will let you see whether any proxy sites have been blocked by your ISP. We encourage everyone to submit the results (at the bottom of the page) as this allows us to analyse and interpret the technical means as to how ISPs have implemented the block and develop techniques to circumvent them. Any proxy owners interested in getting their site on the test please contact us. This also applies for any media organisations seeking access to the results.